Indigo represents intuition, perception, integrity, vision and service to humanity. It is the colour of wisdom, inner awareness, symbolic of the higher mind. It is representative of all that happens within and around us.

Indigo View’s core focus centres on the development, education and enlightenment of people, without whom no change is possible. Human beings, their complexity and their development are at the core of everything that we do. Where there are people, there are skills to be taught, personal transformation to be experienced and an audience to be captivated!

The world and its people are evolving, changing and growing into new directions previously unimagined. How we live, do business, engage with others (personally and professionally) as well as the relationship we have with ourselves has taken centre stage.The world is changing faster than we realise!

Whatever our clients require, they are sure to get it…and then some! Have a look at our website. You’re bound to find something that speaks to you and we will be very happy to address whatever needs you might have.




Steven has directed, coached, mentored and guided literally hundreds of students and professionals in the Performing Arts over the last fifteen years. He has also worked with corporate clients looking to develop in areas of self-improvement, awareness and personal growth. Wanting to expand these skills, he became a qualified Evolved NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Life Coach, Time Paradigm Techniques™ Practitioner, Evolved Coach, Stress Biofeedback Practitioner, Evolved NLP Practitioner and Evolved NLP Coach and Evolved Hypnotherapist.

Indigo View is the bringing together of two worlds, both of which are key forces in Steven’s passion: the creative world of performance as well as the developmental and philanthropic effects of business and personal coaching. “No two people are the same and we all need to be with, work with, and have our paths understood by someone who understands that,” says Feinstein. “I feel that there is no separation between the creative or artistic benefits of the world of acting and the skills development or communications training of individuals and groups within the business sectors. Both worlds involve people and both worlds are, if aimed in the right direction, interested in bringing about change.”



Acting and Vocal Coach
Corporate Communications Facilitator and Trainer
Producer, Theatre Director and Events Manager
NLP Life Coach