Doctor Faustus

Written by Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus is the Elizabethan tragedy of a scholar who sells his
soul to the devil for 24 years of power. During the course of the play Faustus meets devils, the 7 deadly
sins, Lucifer, Mephostophilis, Belzebub, visions, clowns and mortals. This exceptionally well-received
production was performed with a cast of 41 actors as the swan song of the Actors Centre. My aim for
this production was to combine up and coming actors that had been receiving training from the
Actors Centre with professional actors (this cast consisted of 13 pros from stage and screen), so that
the gap between practioners and learners might be bridged through the experience of a production.
Designed by Catherine Walker and Steven Feinstein, directed by Feinstein, choreographed by
Vanessa Morris with original music by Timon Wapenar.