It was challenging and interactive. I learned valuable life lessons. I was forced to be aware of myself and others. It opens up the patterns for tunnel vision to become a lateral thinker and see the art in everything. Profound space to be in, Steven is amazing and facilitates extremely well. – Guno Swartz

I discovered that I have another talent. I grew so much! In challenging myself and yes my personality had changed with being true to me. You learned more than you hoped for and this makes you think of you as a person. Steven is great! No doubt!! The energy, information he gives us is more than amazing, it helps! – Linda Zwane

Steven is patient, kind and funny. He pushes when necessary. I never had a dull moment. He (wants) inspires me to have a better command of language and of my voice. He is intelligent and engaging and is well on top of the world of the artist and the industry. It isn’t just about acting. It’s about life. – Genevieve Benny

Steve’s interaction with his class: he makes me feel like the only person in class that needed attention, and I’m sure that’s how everyone else feels too. I loved the class exercises that we did. They took me out of my comfort zone. Yes, I was challenged! Yes, I did grow! The amazing thing about the experience is that the challenge goes beyond the weekend. I learned that it is okay to embrace your emotions and be vulnerable. I was blocking out my emotions a lot and I’ve learned to appreciate them now. Steve has the ability to make anyone tap into places they probably thought they didn’t have inside of them. He activates dormant emotions in you that make you discover the real you, and stop being so fake. Steve’s ability to make one grasp the context of acting is remarkable. I love that he never took credit for all that he taught us. He references and pushes us to read/research and know more than he does. It has definitely made me search deep inside of me, and to be open to constructive criticism. – Rhee Manganyi

 It opened up my mind and I learned a lot. I accepted change. Amazing! BRILLIANT! – Ivania De Wet

 Steven is brilliant in the way he approached each actor. Excellent. Amazing, love Steven! – Caitlin Gottsch

I definitely grew this weekend, learning more about myself. It shows you how much you still need to know about yourself and learning different sides of acting, the techniques used. He was a really awesome tutor, I was very comfortable and relaxed around him. He’s one of the best!! – Bradley Waterson

I was amazed at what you could do in e.g. 5 mins to change an approach to a monologue and make it sound real. Extremely fun, and impressive teaching. Loved how you “read” people to bring out the best in them – Mrs Laubser

I learned a lot, not only about myself as a person but techniques and confidence. Have grown lots and realised I can push myself further and nothing is impossible. Fantastic, loved the way Steve conducted himself, loved his encouragement and criticism. Loved your sense of humour. Amazing, loved the training and working with you. – Kelly Winter

I liked best the energy, support and honesty. I realised I still have a lot to learn, Steven helped me to discover the undiscovered. My journey forward looks much more colourful. The training accessed a whole new depth of acting and how much fun an art it really is. Steven is very honest, passionate and knows his stuff. He demands attention and didn’t fail to lose mine. It was so much more than I expected. It made me realise just how much I want to be a performer.  – Angelique Janssen

I liked the fact that I was able to learn and reveal the REAL me. A lot of personal challenges came my way. I grew and matured in my art, I learnt and discovered that I don’t always have to please people. Thank you Steve, for changing my thoughts. – Amogelang Yanti

It showed me to just let go of my past and just move forward, and not let it define who I am. I definitely grew and I feel personally challenged. I discovered that I built up this “wall” so high and I am struggling to break it down. STEVEN IS WONDERFUL. He makes you channel feelings you didn’t know you had. He teaches you in a way that you can relate to. He creates an atmosphere that you can just let go and be yourself in. An experience of a life time. – Jami Dyers

I felt challenged the whole time! But I learnt to open up, accept myself for who I am and living it truthfully. Yes, I would recommend this training! No matter how good you think you are! You can be BETTER! Steve is an amazing teacher and can see through the walls you put up. He is totally in your face but always on your side…Love him! Helped me to discover me! – Jauni Maré

 I discovered that I can be better. The coach he is more than himself and he is doing what is right not what is easy. – Lukhanyo Monco

I got out of my comfort zone and I learned to connect with my emotions and overcoming my anxiety and fear of being in front of a crowd. You learn a lot of theory and practical too. Although it is a very short period of time, you learn a lot. AMAZING! Very engaging, I love the way he explains concepts and his understanding of subject matter is superb. Excellent! – Pauline Moeketsi

 The workshops took me to places I didn’t know I could go to until I found myself there. I grew, I needed to realise that acting isn’t about creating a pretty picture, it’s about “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” This experience not only made me a better actor, it made me a better person. I constantly felt connected to Steve and I never felt alone or lost. It has been life changing. – Lungile Lallie

 A challenge is always a period of growth, and I saw this not only in myself but in everybody around me as well. I discovered that my imagination is a powerful tool, and by truly connecting with myself, I can make a connection with others too. There is so much to gain from these classes. If you are serious about this career-wise then there is no better opportunity. Steven really breaks through any emotional blocks you may have. He has the ability to bring out your full potential, inspiring you to keep going and to truly develop a love for acting. It was fantastic! I was very impressed with the classes. – Julia van Geldern

 I liked best the commitment to guide us and help us grow and develop ourselves. Thank you! Every actor has something to learn here, or something to look at differently or something to take with and use. Steven was a really good acting coach. He taught me a lot and what acting is an experience which will always help me keep it real. I really enjoyed every moment and learned a whole lot. Thanx again. J – Paballo Dinku

I liked everything. I’ve grown beyond expectation. I am powerful! I have a well of emotions that I need to tap into more. Would I recommend this training? Hell yes! It’s simply life changing. Steve is the best coach I’ve come across. Eccentric, self-aware, confident, inspirational, straight forward. It’s the best training I’ve come across. – Yeshua Moraka

I learnt that I need to run to rather than run from. I discovered that I love to act and that with hard work, passion and skill I can master any art. This training is not only challenging, informative, educational and important, but it is also life-changing. My acting coach was amazing. I’ve learned so much in just a weekend. He involves every single one of his students in his lessons and he is passionate and patient with every single one of us, even the first time actresses like me. On a scale of 1 to 100 I give this training infinity. I would do it again in a heartbeat. – Ntombi Baloyi

Steven’s energy and his openness for his wanting to help us learn from him was a blessing. I grew so much that I am even aware of the growth within me. Steven gets a person to feel that moment which is needed. Drama is life and Steven has lived and he knows how to put things down to be picked up. – Marelien Snyman

I loved how everything you wanted to hide you must activate to perform a great character in the present moment. Have fun! Don’t care what other people think. In my soul I have changed because I realised that to follow my dream I have to always give my everything in the present moment. He knows everything, I would love to have his knowledge about the industry. He is modern, he wants to get to your better artist within you and he knows where to go to let you go deeper. It was amazing. No words can really explain what it meant to me. – Mel-Marie Steyn

I liked best that I can use my experiences (pain or happiness) as something that can make me better and not cripple me. That I’m a human being and that I should allow myself to feel pain and to appreciate moments for what they really are and to see the emotion deep down when someone else and myself is performing. An expert in his field. He knows what he’s talking about. I chose to believe every word he said. Because his experience and knowledge is what made him believable – GREAT. It was the biggest reality check ever which I now know I needed! – Mienke van Rooyen

I liked that as performers we were allowed and given a platform to grow, explore and to find ourselves. I grew a lot. The skills and techniques we learnt not only apply to improve our acting craft but helps us in our personal lives as well. I discovered that I think a lot and that I used to perform to impress. Yes, I would recommend it to other actors. It is informative, challenging and the workshops help you as an actor to constantly discover new things and to move out of your comfort zone. Steven is fun to watch and to listen to. He captures your attention without him trying. He has presence and speaks and communicates with ease. He is a brilliant coach. Mind blowing. – Tsietsi Morobi

The audience I was given by Steven to stop being negative and afraid to rather be open to pieces and acting as a whole. I discovered that I like being in front of a camera and just need to learn to embrace the experience and let it rip. Steven knows what acting is about but most especially how to interpret the material/knowledge in a way that a beginner can relate to and learn from. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Keneiloe

I loved the improv and cold read classes. I love doing things last minute; under pressure so it was fun. I noticed that I don’t read between the lines of a script and can end up making it boring. The training almost tells you exactly how it is to be out there. He’s phenomenal. Purely amazing. – Indi

I liked best how hard we were pushed to be our best. I was forced to dig deeper than I ever have before. I have never learnt so much so quickly. The coach is relaxed but very engaging and exceptionally knowledgeable. Absolutely irreplaceable and unique. – Jemma Potgieter

I liked best being challenged to push through my limits. YES! YES! I felt personally challenged. I discovered that I CAN improvise. Yay! I just learned so much. Deepens the appreciation and understanding of your craft. Steven is thrilling! He pushes you to do better all the time and he excites me in my acting. His knowledge and understanding of acting has inspired and enlightened me. Fantastic! Sad it’s over! 10/10 – Genevieve Olivier

It gives you a whole other look to acting and what it is really about. He was very clear and did not bore me, I was always interested in what he was saying. A huge change of view and feel of others while they are performing. – Cassandra Stead

The fact that training your art was transformed into lessons of life. You live your art, you live your truth. Definitely was taken out of my comfort zones, I never realised how many hidden abilities we possess, if we can only face the fears which hold us back we can discover what truth is to us and live out our full potential. This was not only growth within your art but also a life-changing experience. He was amazing in all aspects! I feel so much more empowered in my craft. Fear holds you back, face it and you’ll be great (this is the energy I got from Steven). A period of growth within my art and myself. LIFE CHANGING. – Francois Mallum

The workshops helped me grow as an actor but more importantly as a person. Yes I felt challenged and I grew, I found I am able to play the roles and do the things I didn’t think I could. 1000% yes, I would recommend this training. This was an amazing experience and there are no better coaches on this planet. His style is like no other, his manner is relaxed, his knowledge is infinite and he continuously engages. There is no one better. Absolute perfection. – Edward Haapala

The ‘introduction to acting’ lecture absolutely blew my mind! The content was absolutely fantastic. I learnt more about acting in that session than I ever have. These classes have given me a new perspective on how to take life by the proverbial balls and not give a damn about anything stopping me from growing! I discovered how passive I am…and how I need to become proactive! Absolutely would recommend this training. Not only to actors but to EVERYONE. What Steven teaches is life lessons, not acting! Steven is the perfect package. His style and manner is very honest. He knows tons and tons about his craft. I can see he really has made it his life’s purpose to become one with what he does! BRILLIANT! – Barry Box

I liked best the activities we did. I discovered that I must let go more. You learn a lot. Steven was really awesome and brilliant!! 10/10! – Jeandre Spies

Liked best the honesty and truthfulness in the teaching and discussions. I discovered and learned that it’s not that hard and frightening to be honest, yet all humans are so scared and afraid of confronting the truth. Yes, I would recommend this. It changes your life when you don’t even want it to. Steven is so wise! – Elani Dekker

The acting classes were the most interactive and I learned so much from Steven in such a short amount of time. I generally felt relaxed. Yes, I felt challenged. I discovered I’m more introverted than I let out. I grew in understanding my flaws. Yes to get more insight about acting in order to see the simplicity and complexity of the discipline. Steven is extremely energetic and full of passion not only for the art but for sharing his knowledge. I am appreciative of the experience. – Lince Matabane

 I discovered that my freedom is my advantage! I would recommend the training. Because it’s truth being spoken not egos being boosted! Steven…one word – AMAZING!! Techniques are in your face, because of his overflow of knowledge! The BEST! We were treated as people, instead of another flower on the wall. An awesome experience, unforgettable with so much meaning! – Debora Ju Nieuwenhuizen

I really enjoyed the improvisation and cold read. It gave me the opportunity to be free and just have fun. Yes I do feel challenged, because in order to reach my full potential in acting I have to let go of my emotions which was very hard for me because I’m not someone to show my feelings. I hide behind my laughter. This training actually helps you to find who you really are. I thought Steve was amazing! In the short amount of time we had he really reminded me about why I’m doing this. He gives you the opportunity and freedom to let loose and find yourself. I think it was amazing. I learnt so many new things about acting that I didn’t know. But most of all, I discovered who I really am. – Tumi Tsita

The experience and activities were fun and educating. Yes, I have grown emotionally; I’ve learned to open up and let myself feel and not shut out feelings. I would recommend it. It’s not only fun, it’s life changing. You get to identify the true you, your inner person. Steven is fantastic. I’ve learned that you have to do your job to be in his good books. I’ve learned that with Indigo View growth is guaranteed both personally and in acting. – Sipho Sithole

I liked everything (monologues, improv and cold read) but I enjoyed cold read the most, it was something new to me, but I learned so much from it, I never really challenged myself, so with it I have allowed myself to be vulnerable and take action. I feel I have been personally challenged, because I’ve allowed myself to be judged and to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve learned that I have always been so hard on myself, I didn’t allow myself to make mistakes and I have learned not to always want approval. I would recommend this to actors, especially aspiring ones like me; you learn so much from it, it makes you aware of things that you didn’t know, you grow and it becomes very easy for you to allow any form of challenge thrown your way. Steve is a very good coach, he has a way of bringing the best out of us, he pushes because he believes and sees so much potential. I love working with him, his style of teaching and knowledge he has is just mind blowing. I learned so much and it has changed my perspective on so many things. – Naledi Mokgele

I did feel challenged but I liked it. Because from these challenges I’ve grown a lot to the point where it actually scared me, because I’ve discovered that I can do more than I thought I could. I discovered a very strong feeling inside of me that I was holding back and yet thinking that I knew it all. I discovered the real me. The coaches were very strict, noble, educating and a whole lot more. My overall assessment: that I can personally challenge myself in and trust it with everything that I have. 110% – Lebohang Nthoba

Liked best: Being in an environment that allowed me to accept aspects of myself I had not previously been able to. I enjoyed learning more and opening my mind when it came to my passion for acting. I could tell my own truth while daring to be judged. I did feel challenged and being able to meet that head on was a growing experience. I learned that I have to stop judging. As a fairly open person, the ability to tell the truth and be brave does not mean that I separate myself from the character. But rather that the character is within me anyway. Steven was electric. He challenged and nurtured us simultaneously. He was knowledgeable and patient. He brought to the forefront the need to connect. It was fabulous! I could not have prayed for a better experience. I hope to pass paths again. – Lebogang Ashleigh Fisher

The truth was told about the real essence of acting. I was enabled to open up a whole new view point. I indeed was challenged, my walls were threatened and broken down. I grew and was able to know myself more and know the true intensity of emotion. Not experiencing this training would, in my eyes, be a disservice. I say this because it does not stroke one’s ego, it forces complete and utter realness. Steven is undoubtedly the best teacher I have ever come across. He truly holds a gift that is unparalleled. He is the very person that pushes one to know themselves which, again, is a God given gift. In my eyes Indigo View have mastered the discipline of training not only an actor but a human being. – Matimu Rikhotso

I loved the way you told the truth, all the drama classes I have enjoyed them, especially the exercises they have made me feel that I can do anything. I was out of my comfort zone and had to break my limits. I have grown individually and I have discovered that I have potential and I have discovered I have a lot to learn and it can start by training. You are the best Steve. He is the best, he is perfect and he knows what he is doing and to feed someone else; he is not selfish with his information. May God give him more wisdom and his heart desires. 100% – Portia Dangala

I appreciate so much the generosity and warmth and care that the workshop was established and held. Everyone who attended was treated with such compassion and love – I’m excited about this journey! – Megan Reeks

Glad I’m here to re-listen and hear and to learn – Ilse Hansen

The explanations are at my level of understanding…Good start, looking forward to more – Luisa de Kock

It has helped me identify what goes through the process of being a performer, characterisation and self-knowledge – Tshepo Matshaba

Not as daunting as it could have been made to feel…I am opening myself to the experience – Nj Hourquebie

I like the fact that it focuses on me as a human being but also as an actor/performer…I am impressed with the quality of work – Lebohang Motaung

Very engaging, very thought provoking…It offers me an opportunity to learn from others and above the material in the modules – Getmore Sithole

We had time to really discuss what we were learning, the process didn’t feel rushed…I felt safe and not judged, but challenged…Lots of light bulb moments! – Shelley Efthymiades

Opening up endless possibilities…It’s serving me, definitely worth the time and effort – Vanessa Swartz

Very focused and very engaging. A relaxed style facilitates in keeping us engaged. It’s well pitched for my level. Inspiring – Mpho Osei-Tutu

Steven’s creative acting workshop was a phenominal experience. Not only is Steven a great teacher and guide but he knows how to get the best from the actors he works with in an uncompetitive environment. I really found the two days invaluable on many different levels, from learning about how to approach text, performance, growth and sprititual development. Acting is a mysterious craft and one that I love as it remains so intrinsically human on the physical, mental and emotional level. Steven’s dedication and passion for the work, the people he works with and the process are undeniable. I respect how he remains consistenly 100% committed to the creative process. I will most definitly attend more workshops and look forward to more in 2011. – Karen van Schalkwyk

In the “Accessing your creative power” workshop Steven applies some serious techniques to the playful craft of acting. I came away with a simple yet precisely clear understanding of how to approach the characters I will perform, the film sets and theatres I will perform in and my general awareness of the environment around me. I am not my career! Thanks Steven you have given me such a wonderful gift – Alex radnitz

From the minute the workshop began until the final discussion, I felt as if I was absorbed in something that was life-changing. I felt altered after this two-day workshop; looking at aspects of myself as a human being, performer and teacher differently than before. As if my eyes had been widened to possibilities I was either ignoring or unaware of. The concepts that “everything is energy”, “perception is projection”, and that within us we can draw on our “7 shadows” to create characters that are real, tangible and meaningful was an extraordinary discovery; one that I will continue to journey through as I use this incredible workshop to develop myself as a human being, performer and teacher. – Taryn Schreuder

You made me feel. The idea of completely going deep into a character, and not thinking of a character as just that. But as an actor we have the duty and the responsibility to be true to that person, by becoming that person. In previous acting lessons or teachings from other teachers I’ve been taught to be the ‘act’, when the word should have been ‘be’. ‘Be’ would allow ‘become’, this would cause me to ‘feel’. To ‘feel’ is to completely invite and allow the ‘true-self’ of the person (character) to ‘live’. In your teachings Mr. Steve, I have been able to give the character ‘freedom’ by not interfering, personal thought and ego. Quite honestly because of your lessons, I am not an ‘actor’, I am becoming an Artist. – Sizo Mahlangu

After training as an actor in New York for some months I had the good fortune to receive a recommendation from a friend to train with Steven Feinstein. I was trained by Steven in a one on one capacity and even shot some film with him where he directed me whilst I was in South Africa. Steven’s highly acute interpersonal skills and insight when coupled with his wealth of acting and directing experience literally took me to places I had not been before with myself. I grew immensely within a period of months, and today, still whilst working in Europe and America, find both the delicate detail and practical robustness of his teaching a fundamental part of my professional and creative work. – Tom Knight

Wow! I’ve been shaken and stirred and challenged and rocked and I’m feeling so emotionally naked… but I think I like it. Being forced to question myself and my belief system. to drop my ‘ego’ in order to let my conditioned behaviour do what it’s instinctively meant to do! whoever said acting was easy, wasn’t doing it right! #grow – Motlatji Ditodi

All these years I was convinced that you need to be a certain person, whether it is fame or fortune, to be an actor. The word ACTING made me stress and it made me scared. I never wanted to just get up and speak in front of people, but after working with Steve Feinstein, I have realized that acting is for anyone, big or small, young or old and even for those of us that come across shy! I’ve learned that acting is not just about the words you have to say, but rather opening up to your feelings inside, then the “words” become easy. From this day onwards I know that nothing is impossible and that if you let your barrier down and let your feelings run free. An actor is born. Thanks Steve! – Pascale Prinsloo

I learned that acting is about stepping out of your comfort zone and about self- realization (be vulnerable and know that your pain is your power) . As an actor you not performing for yourself and to show off how beautiful you are but about reaching out, connecting and drawing the audience to your world. Make audience feel and connect with you. I am slowly coming out of my cocoon and soon to become a butterfly. I am going to take off and reach new heights all thanks to you. You are an amazing teacher Steven and you know how to connect and work well with your students. – Nonkululeko China Williams

Steven is great at what he does, because he understands his work and therefore he is able to educate people concisely. He is  a gifted individual that is able to help people tap into their inner talents by providing classes/workshops that have valuable and meaningful lessons. After working with Steven you will feel empowered, motivated and inspired. Working with Steven is not just a privilege it’s an honour. – Sheraad Jacobs

Steven helped me to come out, to get in touch with my inmost being and that as an actress I need to be vulnerable. All this that that we been through in life it’s what help us to the best actors we long to be. – Nombuso Makamo

I battled to keep my mouth closed during class as I was amazed with ALL the information and practical work done with the acting students..  I wish I had a lot more hours to experience this teachings!  When I saw my mother the next day I couldnt stop talking and lauging all together.  Steven is sooo different and direct and make an effort to give attention to the smallest details.  He doesnt beat around the bush and get things done! – Mone van Jaarsveld

Steven Feinstein is one of the best things to ever happen to my acting career. He has managed to revolutionary change my perception as to what it means to act and to what it means to be an actor. With his all giving, non-judgmental, informative, knowledgeable, inspiring and fun teachings, he has encouraged me and challenged me to move beyond mediocrity and pushed me towards being the best actor that I can be. What more can a student ask for? Thank you Steven for being you and for being great, you allow me to do the same. – Siyabuswa Skosana

My name is Nonkululeko Vilakazi and I’d like to thank you Steven for helping me forget about always trying to pretend that I’ve got everything under control and just be able to show my vulnerability in front of over 20 other actors. This helped me play out my monologue character realistically without sticking to the judgment of how we’d stereotypically see or know “prostitutes” to be because my monologue was based on a prostitute. In my self-conscious normal mind, I’d never let loose or even allow the exercise that I was given to be performed but it helped me understand that it’s okay to think with my heart as an actress because this helps the audience connect with me and show interest. For once, I was able to be feminine and tap into the vulnerability of my feelings and sexuality in front of others and somehow this helped me confront my actual pain that I deal with only behind closed doors. I WAS NOT PRETENDING TO BE TOUGH AND IN CONTROL yet IN THAT MOMENT, I HAD EVERYTHING IN CONTROL BY JUST SHOWING TRUE EMOTION! Thanks a lot for your wonderful theoretic and practical acting classes. – Nonkululeko Vilakazi

Well at first I was so scared of you, but the moment I met you, you brighten up my life, you’re amazing in everything you do. You made me realize that as an Actress that acting is not a job but it’s a lifestyle and that I needed to get in touch with my inner emotions. This weekend at boot camp was the weekend I just got in touch with all that I’ve been hiding behind. I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me and the rest of the “just you family” I’ve seen GROWTH!!! *_ lots of love Tiffany Maitin mwah – Tiffany Maitin

Working with Steven can be described in a million different ways. I have learnt how to become truthful with myself and to allow myself to overcome fears and let go. Before working with Steven I was afraid of standing up in front of a crowd, but after 1 class with him, I feel like I conquer the world and face anything that may come my way. Thank you very much for everything that u taught us during the boot camp, irreplaceable knowledge. – Megan van der Merwe

I wasn’t interested in acting and I was invited by a friend to watch and I couldn’t believe what I saw with my eyes. Steven was able to change an ordinary person into actor and that’s when I decided to join the class – if they can do it what can stop me from doing it? I also learned that every person is a written story, which is identical with no other. – Skhumbuzo Dlamini

Steven is my piece of international space I get to experience as an actor. After working with Steven on various occasions, not only did I trust him to expose my vulnerable side, but also did I see what actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon or Robert De Niro must’ve seen when they project a feeling into a performance of a character. Steven concentrate on, well you’ll never know, ’cause his mind is so limitless and unpredictably great!! But to him, honesty and truthfulness in a character, is where it starts to happen. Therefore he really gets under that heart of your’s strings. To give you an example; He took a weekend to coach his artists for international performances and started working with us. We saw people opening up to such an extend that it was sore to leave them, they have become a safety pillows to where I can open up and let my guards don’t on it. There was a love for each individual that just manifested and this allowed for a true me to come out. So people worked with him and discovered indescribable things in their performances, but I just observed for a while. Little did I know, I wasn’t just an observer. He was aware of me being there and conducted his ‘amazing’ like usual, until he just singled me out and I don’t know how he does it, but when that weekend was finished, I had a good night’s rest, and his words here and there started puzzling and fall into place to form a big picture and the things he implanted came to mind. I had my truthful moment just there as I reached that realization, I immediately took out a peace I was working on at that stage and acted it out loud. MAN it was next level, afterwards, I was so vulnerable I went straight into prayer and just there and then I realized, this man is an international coach! I would fly out to work with him, no matter where in the world I was at the stage.
Steven Feinstein, no testimonial could do him justice. – Edwin Gagiano


We should have more of the assessments like this – Bafana Nkosi

Never a dull moment – Cyril L. Scrooby

It encourages to be self esteem and be positive about yourself. – Jacob Mataung

Everything was good. Thanks a million times. – Joseph Ngwenya

 The presenter was very engaging and enthusiastic…Excellent. – Marcus Sithole

Learned something new and made me more positive for role as group leader. – Collin Hammond

Nothing not to like…One of the best attended so far. – Obert Marufu

It taught me how to present in a professional way and helped me to gain confidence…[on the facilitator] He is super!!! – P.J. Pule

It was an eye opener to a lot of dark areas and I recommend that all T/M and G/L should go through this presentation. – Alfred Lubane

 The facilitators were active, involving, smiling. They made me want to want more…110%. – Jacob Mntambo

Very excellent and educational. – Phindile Mokgothu

Very good and informative workshop. – Matthys Franken

My mind was washed up and I have learn a lot what I was not aware of. – Kenneth-Boykie Malapane

The facilitators were open, energetic and superb. It was a good learning experience. No dislikes. It was fruitful and clearly understood by everyone. – Andries Alexander

I have learn more and I was remind what I must do in future how to communicate with team leaders. – Andrew Nkosi

 It was clear and concise. I learned to lead my members more affectively. The facilitator expresses himself well. – Edgar Magalhaes

The facilitator was marvellous. Excellent. – Stanley Owen

Excellent…Wonderful. – Khayalethu Hintsa

Style: Perfect. Manner: Perfect. Engagement: Perfect. Subject Knowledge: Perfect. Overall:

Excellent. – Simphiwe John Ndlovu

Excellent. [The facilitator] Very good knowledge of his subject – always in control. Engages. Very profitable / educational. – Paddy Whelan

It gives us clear guidelines to help us in the work areas. – Hans Roos

Has changed my way of communicating with my team. – Tembela William Njikelana

It teach other T/L how to talk with other people around you. – Patrick “Doctor” Radebe

I was interacting with all the people present, not just sitting and listening. [the facilitator] He was lively, entertaining, well informed. Very good. – Christopher Scheepers 

The facilitator was very good, in good manners. The assessment was good and I really enjoy. – Cynthia Tshethlo

It was first class. – Elia Tshabalala

I have learned a lot about leadership. – Lesole Meshak Mathe

He captures the audience and keep them on the edge of your seat. Very clear in delivering the message…It makes me more aware of my future. – Gert Dawid Naude

100%. – Amos Nlophe

[liked best] The way to structure your presentation and how to effectively communicate with different kinds of people…I’m more than happy. I can suggest this session to anyone. It’s worth while. – Ezra Bambo

 [liked best] Group and team work. And, the excellent way it was presented by Steve, the facilitator…Excellent! Very good, very well presented, attention stay focused. – Hennie Slabbert

I would my facilitator to come back again. – Paul Motsoagae

Exquisite! Brilliant!!! – Kemison Matare

Excellent and refreshing. – Patrick Nkosi

It was a great impact. – Rabelani Siphoro

[on the facilitator] Very knowledgeable and style kept one awake, very involved and was able to reach out. – Griffiths M. Sibeko

It opened my eyes and I learned how to communicate with other people…It was helpful and interesting. – Thabo Komako

The presentation was excellent, it taught us a lot. It was perfect. We gain a lot of experience. – Victor Masemola

[liked best] Showing me that in as far as communication is concerned I have a lot to learn…[the facilitator] was marvellous…It was so on the dot and we need more of these courses, they are life skills. – Charles Mphuthi

Excellent. – Jane Nsibanyoni

[liked best] Communication and the way our trainer express himself to us…There’s nothing I did not like. The facilitator was quite impressive the way he talk to us and what we learn from him. It was great to have a trainer like him. – Esther Blom

It opened my eyes as for how should I be an effective communicator, I have learned that the introduction is very important in my presentation. The facilitator was friendly, very energetic. Very interesting. – Oupa Chuene

[liked best] Everything I was told. Nothing that I dislike about the workshop. It was great indeed. – Samuel Namane

Facilitator was very engaging and kept the audience alert. Well thought out and accomplished the object(ive). – Ron Harriesunker

He was very into the workshop. He was very good at what he is doing. I got a clearer vision on communication skills. – Lance Peterson

Brilliant. – Matthews Phiri

[on the facilitator] Very good and understanding. 100% – Manuel Fernandes

[liked best] Interactive. I liked everything. [on facilitator] Very confident. Good speaker. Very good. – Deon Kimble

Everything was fantastic…I’ve gained a lot because I’ve learned some of the things that I didn’t know. – Thabani Ntshalintshali

It was a great experience. – Makhosonke Zulu

Steve was awesome, he has a balance of friendliness and professionalism. 10 / 10. – Jethro Bango

[liked best] Enough useful information on new skills…[on the facilitator] Well presented with clear vision and very good way of communicating it. [overall] Very informative. Learned a lot about myself. – JP Brand

Great workshop. – Dzunisani Simango

This is needed in all levels. – Albert Mathey

Very relaxed and has the ability to explain in a very easy to understand and simple manner. – J Du Preez

Brilliant! Interactive, vibrant session where knowledge is shared and skills groomed. – Chantell Kae

The facilitator knows his subject. Gain wonderful experience. – Keith Botha

Excellent. Very useful and needed. – Abbas Teladia

Extremely professional. Great workshop. – Frans Van Dyk

Excellently conducted. Worth it personally. – Andre Mills

Very knowledgeable, engages his audience and researches course very well. 10/10. – Jerome Masinda

The man is easy to work with and he is a star. Very developing. – Clifton Roux

Energetic, enthusiastic and well prepared / knowledgeable in subject. Fantastic. – Matthew Cross

Should take place more often. – Erica Baartman

Everything was perfect. – Allex Solope

Made me more confident and realize what I could not see before. Have the class every 4 months.

Excellent in every way. A necessity. – Nigel Hollamby

Very interesting and vital. – Lufuno Nefale

The facilitator had the knowledge, he used his skills to interact with all present during the workshop in a positive and knowledgeable manner. Very good. – Ockert Grobler

Very good for leaders. – Desmond Mahloko 

It was excellent, kept everyone on their toes and interactive. 10/10. – Klaas Smit

Excellent. – Ephraim Botopela

He was excellent. I felt relaxed and not one moment bored. I loved it and learned a lot. Thank you. – Melanie Scrooby

Steven kept my attention at all times and is very knowledgeable. If everybody practices what we have learnt, this company will go from strength to strength. – Lynette Swart

It has given me confidence in myself. It has open my mind. – Lambert Tshwene

Facilitator is very exceptional in what he is doing. Very outstanding. – Morgan Morris McKenzie

It was well presented and eye opening. – Thokozile Duma

Excellent! Very good and easy to be involved those engagement!– Dan Seboko 

It gave me confidence. Great facilitator. Good to have. – Thabiso Mosia

Excellent. – Lusapo Mxaka

He was the best and know he’s doing, not boring. I would like to have a follow up session. – Stanley Mkhabela

It was informative and interesting. At first when I heard that I am going to present because I am not used to, but at the end I realise I have great potential in me. 10 over 10. – Nomsa Motaung

The presentation was very good and Steve is the best. He knows what he is doing, his way is making the programme interesting. Empowering. – Zanele Nkomonde

Job well done. – Lerato Mlala

It had personal value in which one can share with others. – Richard Valla

It was awesome and good presentation. It boost confidence. – Thabo Molifi

Well suited for the job. – Nicolai

Clear, concise, fun. – Eric B

Energised. Engaging. – Sue White

Good. – Wilco K

All was involved, not the normal stuff. Energetic, engaging, clear speaker. Would have liked more on this. – Kohl R

Engaging, getting to the core of relationships. [He] engages well, has the appropriate knowledge to facilitate a story like this. – Berto T

Engaging, relevant, practical. Well done. Very well arranged and a nice mix/blend. – Clive Kim

Personal interaction. Well engaged. – Manie K

Great thought processes. Very cool! – J Vuuren

The insight and knowledge shared. [He’s] excellent. We need more of such activities. – Thatoyame Lolwane

Engaging, very good, good overall. – Charles Smit

Very excellent! It was a beautiful venue and facilitator was fantastic. – Olja Borh

Energising, engaged. Great.  – Genene S

[liked best] activity, very engaging, very good. – Juliet K

[liked best] challenging current norms and stereotypes. [on facilitator] Great presence, good awareness of audience. Energising, thought provoking, shifting. – Darryl W

[liked best] one on one interaction; confident. – Sandra Uys

Fun, fab, good! – M Jacobs

Stand-up, energising, engaging. Vibrant, engaging, experienced, confident. Enjoyable! – Nicky S

Good presence. Worth while! J – Adolf Theron

Awesome! Do it again! – M. Seymore

Energy. Conciseness. Engaging style, dynamic. Good. – Johan Batchelor

Liked everything. Energy, engagement. Loved it. – Magriet

Energy, passion from the facilitator. 1 word – “AWESOME” – Claudie Campbell

Short. Good. Good. – Johan Cornelius

Interaction with colleagues. Great level of engagement and knowledge. Great day. – Nicola Johnston

Understanding human behaviour; very good. – Gert V D Merwe

In a short time got the group engagement. Got people to connect.  Steven’s energy and straight forward manner. – Yvonne Williams

Pace. High impact – nice. Well done. Exceeded expectations. – Maria Purcell

Interactive and fun. Great energy! 5 / 5 – Kim Thompson

Sharing with the next person; cool facilitator, good understanding of people. – Hlagisela C

Short and informative. Very good and to the point. Well planned and timed. – Renier Loots

To connect with people I did not know before today. High energy and knowledgeable. – M. Fivaz

His energy is infectious. Very pleasant and unexpected. – Stella Molenaar

Short and effective. Nice and pleasant and energetic. Nice and well planned. – Koos le Roux

Energy of trainer. – Harry Abrahams

Interaction; like him [facilitator]; sweet and short. – Johann S

 [liked best] the 3 questions; very good. – Roland R

Energy, fun. Liked it, very informal. Good. – Marlize du Plessis

Energy. Outgoing. – Teresa Dawson

People stuff. Great. Good. – Grebe Zaayman


A directing genius, Feinstein is largely one of those more creative directors that adds incredibly detailed directing that ensures any play he gets his hands on turns into an enlightening and entertaining piece of theatrical brilliance – Joash Sigamoney

I don’t know how he sleeps at night with his imagination…The inspiration and ideas never stop flowing – Rhys Joseph

Our matric drama class of 2011 has been fortunate enough to acquire the help of Steven Feinstein in practical and theoretical work. His knowledge of the subject is profound and we benefitted from his understanding of the particularly difficult “Waiting for Godot” and “Tshepang.” Thank you, Steve! – Nicolas Eedes

Practical is not the only niche of this inspiring man. Steve taught me to not only understand my work but to emotionally create a connection and this helped me with my final matric practicals which thanks to his many hours of input I aced. Going into my final written exam for matric I am overly confident thanks to the lectures and summarising of my matric work. A man whose aim it is to help others. Thanks again, Steve. – Ashkon Willcocks

Working with Steven was a truly incredible experience. He taught me to find the ‘truth’ in everything, as well as the unseen. I consider the opportunity to work with Steven again to be invaluable. – Jordan Major

Steven is the epitome of an awesome director! He helped me improve in my matric practicals substantially. If it’s brilliance you want, you need Steven. He too helped my understanding of theory work substantially. – James Atwell

Steven Feinstein’s pure genius and foresight can be seen in his direction of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.” On a more personal level Steven’s influence on my practical exam took it to a new level never seen by myself before. – Chris Fisher

Steven Feinstein is an inspired director and lecturer. He brought to life the works of “Waiting for Godot” and “Tshepang” with his thought-provoking questions and his different perspectives. As a director he helped me discover emotions and nuances previously lost to me and improved my performance tenfold. – Matt Ramphele

Steve has grown me as an actor, he is so emotionally evocative that it brings you out of your comfort zone and you explode into something amazing. He is the most helpful and AMAZING Drama Coach and it was a privilege to work with him. – Briony Macleod

Working with Steve is a very interesting process. You learn so much about yourself that you may not have noticed but it is all for the good of the actor and I feel I have largely benefitted from his work as an actor. – Heather Livesey

AMAZING! Steve has not only brought me a long way as an actor, but also a long way as a person! The few experiences we went through as a cast, emotionally are times that I deeply treasure! I have had the best learning experience with Steve and will continue to grow from his advice. – Amy Walton

Steve gave me a new view on how to go about preparing and helped me reach a new level as a performer with a greater awareness of myself and performing. – Jono Young

Steve helped not only myself, but my group tremensously. In terms of characterisation, posture, voice and overall acting ability. In my Yellowman mono I authentically feel like I am Eugene, I am the character in my scene ‘The Future is in the Eggs’. I started the process not knowing what I was doing, and I left feeling like Ionesco himself. – Moagi Tladinyane

I felt inspired to push myself and have no limitations because Steve has the power to make you see differently and be better in the end. I loved it! – Rosemary Zimu

Steve will always push you to reach your full potential; no more, no less. – Andrew Pallett

He’ll push you. You’ll hate it. But you will be in the part and you’ll see results. You will look forward to seeing him next time. – Amy Jennings

Steve was so helpful, he opened our eyes to newer experiences and showed us how to learn to embrace our emotions, and become better stronger people – with the element of surprise! – Tyla Crosbie

The experience was very comforting – in a good way, as it allowed me to push myself further than I had before, and to experiment with my choices. I also learnt what my habits are and how to avoid them, and this will relate to future experiences as well. – Lusanda Ntintili

Steven brought out in my acting something I wasn’t aware existed. He made me think about aspects of myself I hadn’t considered before. The most evident is that he enabled me to be vulnerable, as Steven says ’ Vulnerability makes for the best actors’. I am in the process of learning to completely allow myself to be engulfed by the character and not sensor myself out of fear of being judged. He helped me to understand that making a character realistic isn’t about separating yourself from the character completely but about using your life experiences to make the situation more real for you, inturn more realistic for the audience. Through rehearsals with Steven my love and appreciation for drama has grown immensely. He creates a comfortable, open, non-judgemental space in which it is almost impossible for a young drama student not to flourish. I am unexplainably grateful and even more excited to continue my dramatic arts career after school. Thank-you Steven. – Thato Mokoena

Working with Steven Feinstein, I was exposed to a man with incredible knowledge and passion for Drama. He is a dedicated director who knows exactly how to get an actor to deeply interpret a character. During this year’s Drama practical exams, he devoted his full attention to every Drama student, and helped us with every detail. His passion for Drama is evident in the way he gave of his time to every student, making everyone feel like they mattered. He is also extremely helpful with characterization and creatively uses unique exercises and techniques to get the actor to be able to fully emulate the character. He was also
helpful in teaching us how to realistically portray characters. His unique exercises have taught us how to create believable characters, and have been incredibly useful and valuable lessons. – Thando Mangcu

It is very rare that you find a person who is so passionate, insightful, and creative that he encourages and inspires so many young people in his art. When I first came into contact with Steven, I was a shy, beginner in Grade 10 at the Drama workshop in 2009. Here, he did a lecture with us on Characterisation. I was in awe of his insights, passion and explanations that I sat with my
mom for an hour and raved about his lecture. This lecture has stuck in my mind to this day. I felt so excited about his in-depth explanations on connecting with a character and I truly believe this helped me grow into the actress that I am today.
It was a privilege and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Steven in his area of expertise of classical works in our schools production of Oedipus. He has an unbelievable talent with wild yet imaginative ideas – which helped us to get out of our boxes and into the characters we played. He made our role seem so pivotal, even though it was a relatively minor role as the messengers. Steven has an incredible way of helping you (personally) to get in touch with your character. It is so important for me to trust the director I am working with, and Steven earns your respect because of his experience, his attitude, his patience, his professionalism and in the way that he takes no nonsense. He truly brings out the best in his actors.
I was in awe of him when I worked with him directing Carol Churchill’s, Hearts Desire for the Crawford One Act Ply Festival. He has a picture in his mind which brings out the best in the actors, as well as portraying the play in a way which is contemporary, and true to the playwrights intentions. But, he also is open to suggestions from the students which is helpful for us to have our input appreciated. His great knowledge of many playwrights and plays in impressive.
When I tried a Shakespeare piece, playing Ophelia, he helped me to become vulnerable and I believe I grew as an actor through this guiding and direction. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with and be mentored, guided, and moulded by Steven. He is sensitive, yet pushes you beyond your limits in acting. I honestly believe I have grown immensely as an actress and Steven has guided me through this process. Steven has taught me what it is to be an actress, with passion and conviction. Steven inspires me to be the best actress I can be. – Alyssa Harrison

This workshop has been one of the most incredible workshops I have ever been a part of. I was scared of Steven before I came but now I have so much respect for him because what he has taught me and I’m sure my drama practical marks are going to improve drastically. He is an amazing person. Thank you, Steven, this meant the world to me! – Michaela Fetter

This workshop has been such an inspirational workshop, I dug so deep into myself that whilst just walking around the room saying my monologue emotions were flying, I connected with my character in ways I never thought I would / could. I now have more confidence to take on any role and know I can get to my vulnerable state without any sense that people are judging me. Thank you so much, Steve! – Trishanka Thoolsi

I found the workshop empowering. Being able to just let go and trust yourself when portraying someone else is a very powerful feeling. Steve helped me to understand that there is so much depth to acting but once you step into the ‘circle of presence and engagement’ true authenticity can be expressed. Thank you, – Caellyn Eedes

I loved the workshop very much, it helped me realise that acting REALLY is what I want to go into! I learnt new things and I enjoyed the day. Being here has taught me how to characterise yourself and stay that way for a while. Thank you so much for this opportunity! “Being an actress means you need to be vulnerable!” – Ellie Zarbova

In the beginning of the workshop I felt extremely nervous and scared to work with Steve. Now after the workshop I feel emotionally exhausted and drained in a good sense as I feel self-accomplished in being able to perform with less nerves and more naturalistically. I am now confident in the way I plan to approach my pieces in how it is more than about myself but the inner truth. Thanks, Steve. – Dominique Hobkirk

It’s all the things I’ve heard before and been told, but today I understand in what they were truly asking for. I felt tired and drained, but at the same time lighter! – Leah Hollis

This workshop has been one of the best that I have been to. I have learnt extreme amounts about drama and acting in the few hours that we had with Steve. He is an absolutely amazing teacher and brings across a different way of explaining things to us in a way that relates to us matrics. I have taken into account everything he has taught me. He takes us into a deeper and more vulnerable state of mind which helps us connect to the character in a way that I can’t explain, which betters us all as actresses. Thank you so much for everything, it is so much appreciated. You, Steve, have changed the way I view drama. Thank you. – Caylee Dixon

Steve’s workshop really got me to search for the real understanding of drama and what it means to be an actor. It got me to understand that I always need to act in the present and to let my emotions get involved in my dramatic work. I feel that it will positively affect my acting and views on becoming an artist in my work – Icale Lawless

This workshop has opened my mind to everything about acting. Steve helps you push yourself to become great. It is exhausting once you’re done, but truly worth every moment. Wow! – Glenys Neethling

This acting has taught me that acting is not just a simple performance but rather an experience in someone else’s life and by being in their life finding your truth in them and “their” emotions so much so that you express your emotions through the character’s truth in you. It has also given me skills to provoke the emotions through a stimulus and how to embody the character truthfully. – Tayla Olivier

Coming to this workshop with Steve gave me such confidence to do whatever I set my mind to whether it relates to personal experience or not. Steve opened up a whole new perspective on performing for me I believed in myself while I was acting and found a truth that will change drama for me forever. This workshop I think helped me with becoming someone else and letting go of Olivia. Thank-you so much Steve! – Olivia Reimeringer-Visser

The workshop was amazing. I feel so much more relaxed and ready for any piece I would need to prepare for an exam. This workshop educated me on how to get into my character and I’m excited for the next exam because now I know exactly what to do. It was very helpful and I hope to keep to this as well as learning more to be the best truthful actress I can be. – Melanie Venter

Steven is an incredibly inspiring and dedicated actor. I was able to understand 95% of acting by his wise words. This experience has definitely helped me to realise that I am capable of giving a great performance that is true and that I will be absorbed in the moment. I learnt so much about acting and what is necessary to deliver the truth. I had an AMAZING time! Thank you for teaching me that it’s not about me. – Justine Bernert

An informative and at times scary experience but overall the workshop opened my mind to possibility and change. One words…Incredibly mind-blowing! – Caitlyn Lambson

The workshop allowed me to become vulnerable throughout the whole process, even when I was not involved in any practical piece. It taught me what acting is and how often we trap ourselves instead of exposing ourselves to the audience. I learnt how to control my nerves, as a shy person, you learn that to an extent acting is not about you, it’s your character that needs you to tell the audience their story. I cannot even express how grateful I am to have had this opportunity. Thank you! – Tiffany Lekuku

The workshop was a real eye opener for me and definitely time well spent as Steve taught me new ways to look at my craft to develop myself as an actress in a way that was easy to understand and feel comfortable and able to freely interact. Showing us how to allow ourselves to ‘let go’, ‘be in the moment’ and become vulnerable in order for us to fully embody characters. Thank you! – Nicolai Ndambo

The workshop was really, really useful, I feel so inspired and excited for all the experimenting that awaits me for this year. I have come to acknowledge all of my weaknesses in acting and how I can address them. Thank you, Steven, for all your insight and motivations! – Andrea Jacobs (Andi)

The workshop on the 21st of January was very helpful because I am now comfortable about doing my monologue. Steven really helped me get out of my box and to be true to the character, I found out a lot of ways to perform a monologue/scene without lying about your character – he has helped me very well to prepare for my final and prelim prac exam. Thank you so much xoxox – Thabile Sikhakhane

Today’s workshop was eye-opening. For a long time people have had narrow minded views on the art of acting and drama, and I must admit I did for a while too. But now I have a better view not only of myself, but others and the world. I learnt that a lot of people walk around wearing masks, living a lie. Steven has showed me and taught me that acting could possibly be one of the most challenging things in the world because it focuses on finding the truth and being the truth. I now see an actor/actress and have a great amount of respect for them, for the world and for myself. – Fiona Rampheri

The workshop was amazing! It helped me to understand better the complexity of human nature, how to approach it and how to relate to it, which on so many levels is the base of performance. I feel more confident about my own acting exams, and honestly, more excited as well. – Alicia V. Gonzalez Kompalic

The workshop was very informative and helpful to understand where actors are coming from and to know how to approach monologues and scenes. I was very nervous and anxious about the workshop because Steven is well known for making people vulnerable and it helped them a lot in acting, so I am looking forward to that vulnerability and being able to give the absolute truth. Workshop was amazing. Thank you, Steven. – Ukwanda Gapqa

I think the workshop really helped me realise what I do wrong when I perform and try to portray the TRUTH. It helped me to know what to focus on when I prepare for a monologue or scene and how to emotionally connect to the character instead of trying to just play a part and ‘look’ like the character, but actually ‘being’ the character. – Zandile Khulu

The workshop went beyond any expectations that I had. Not only did I learn, I experienced. Steven’s approach to acting is inspiring, and I feel truly blessed and privileged that I was a part of it. – Veliswa Mabana

This workshop helped a lot and I have now realised what it really means to get into character, by using parts of you. After seeing how a personal experience can make you so much more involved into your piece has made me want to start working with a whole new perspective. EXCITEMENT! – Kathyrn Peiser

It was enlightening. It turned on the light to what it real acting and how I can apply it to me as an actor. Was so grateful that I was given this opportunity. A definite must! – Julia Bain

I thought the workshop was very worthwhile because it showed me how to get in touch with a character not through lines but through personal experience, which only I will know about. It also defined the word truth for me so I have a better understanding of it. – Cindy Sampson

We all hide behind masks and lies, until Steven came to us with the “truth.” I now feel completely naked and exposed but utterly natural and true. – Charlie Hammick

I thought the workshop was very interesting and helped a lot. The four hours went very fast. I have a much different view on acting now than before. Thank you, Steven. – Chanelle Liebenberg
Before this workshop, I was so unaware of what I was doing that was truly affecting my acting. I have learnt so much from Steve, but the most important was to stay true, versatile and natural. Through doing this, we can truly empower thyself and get the best out of the performance. Steve is truly amazing. – Siba Jack Pama

I quite liked the workshop. It kind of gave me a new perspective on how I think about acting and what acting should be like. It helped me vocalise my fears of acting and by doing so I started to overcome them and be able to learn how to get over them. Mostly due to Steven and his explaining. It was a really good session, I’m now excited to find my new monologue/scene with this outlook! – Bokang Seboka