The Proof Is In The Pudding

Passionate about developing skills and abilities amongst performers, below are some videos from past academy actors who have experienced training with us. Indigo View’s other services include corporate videos and industrial theatre for corporations looking to share messages with key stakeholders, VIPs, employees and with their internal staff. Theatre and performance are powerful tools in relaying stories, characters, messages and concepts that an audience are able to identify and relate with.

Academy Actors Share Their Experience (2014-2021)

Mentorship Programme (2021)

Our 1-year Acting for Camera Mentorship Programme

Following Training (2021):

Our academy actors rehearse for a showcase and then perform for a live audience

Industrial Theatre & Corporate (2021-2023)

Indigo View’s most recent industrial theatre and corporate videos work

Industrial Theatre: Old Mutual (2021)

Industrial Theatre: Migration & Air France (2023)